Saturday, 28 February 2015

Magnum Ice Creams-Royal Experience

this pic and food styling c/o Anupriya DGs
Belgium chocolate covered Magnum ice creams are a favourite of millions across the globe. 1st March onwards Magnum is officially hitting the stores of Calcutta! This will be a really grand summer for Calcuttans. These ice creams are made with at least 35% cocoa, making them rich in flavour. The Truffle flavour is for the dark chocolate lovers. But, you can pick any of their flavours for a rich royal experience. There is a delicious crackle in every bite, there is no fear of it melting all over your hand as the chocolate coating is ever so generous and there is never a risk of sweetness overload since the inner creamy filling is almost like a palate cleanser.
 I was at the launch event where chef Kunal Kapoor hosted a master class. Soha Ali Khan, a self professed Magnum lover since she was a child was there for the launch as well. Many stories were shared about their memories of chocolates and Calcutta. And hence Kunal Kapoor decided to make a dessert with Magnum inspired by Calcutta. He made a Patishapta, which is essentially a crepe that is traditionally filled with kheer, jaggery and coconut. He filled the Magnum Patishapta with crushed chunks of Magnum Classic, berries, nuts and topped it with some sprinkling of khoya kheer, almonds and pistachio. If you follow me on instagram(click to follow if you don't already), you must have seen the delicious dessert in a jar that I was gifted at the event. It was made with Magnum ice cream and once they are officially available at the stores I will try to grab one and recreate the recipe to share it with you guys on the blog.
The 3 flavours of Magnum you can get in stores - Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle

Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor at the photo op
Magnum masterclass
Soha trying her best to help out the chef
Magnum Patishapta
The delicious Magnum filled Patishapta
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Friday, 13 February 2015

How To Survive: Valentine's Day

This Valentine's day you must be wondering where you can go out to have a lovely lunch or dinner without blowing a giant hole in your pocket. I have a couple of very delicious suggestions for both the romantic and the anti-mush brigade. And both these restaurants are located in the New Market area of Kolkata beside each other. Scoop will be decked up to welcome all the V-day celebrators. They even have a special menu for the lovers which includes items like 100% LOB(a crunchy juicy prawn wrap) and Phata Phati Love(mango juice topped with ice cream and pineapple slices). You can even pick up a goodie basket to surprise your other half with. You get choco chip cookies, strawberry cupcakes, heart shaped candle and a rose in the basket for only INR200. Isn't that a sweet deal?

Now for the anti-mush brigade, I suggest you walk a couple of doors down from Scoop and enter into Spice. It is a new restaurant with the edgiest décor ever. It looks like the insides of a factory that was turned into the hippest eat out zone in town. It is the perfect place to hide from coochie cooing lovers all over the city tomorrow. You can go down with a bunch of buddies as well to enjoy some of the most delicious Thai food with a few giant mugs of beer. You must try their chicken satay that comes with a peanut butter sauce that would leave you craving for more.
Nearest landmark - New Empire

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Monday, 9 February 2015

The Ultimate Make-Up Tip For The Non-Enthusiasts

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about make-up. I personally believe it is up to a particular girl or guy if they want to put on minimal or tonnes of make-up on their faces at any given time of any particular day. Yes, I said guys. Teach yourself about gender roles and patriarchy before you think there is something inherently wrong or funny about guys wearing make-up. Your favourite macho hero from that blockbuster film does it all the time, and no he doesn't do it only for the screen. Human beings have been known to paint their faces to express certain emotions for centuries, so it is not a modern social construct. Anyway I digress, email me for a lengthier chat about such issues if you wish and we shall talk.
So, the ultimate tip from me might seem like something a non-enthusiast would never imagine doing. But, hear me out. Own a few make-up brushes. Not more than, but could be less than 5. This is definitely not for those who hate make-up and do not ever wear it ever. This is for those who like to wear it, maybe occasionally or everyday, but do not consider themselves a pro or a junkie. When you do put on make-up you would like not to look like Joker. But, who am I kidding? Even for that you would need a brush. Knowing how to swipe a make-up brush across your face would change the way you do make-up forever. I do not believe in owning a lot of products unless you are a make-up artist who needs to work on different kind of skin tones and such. I love using each product in more than 1 way so that I can keep my kit fuss free and as downsized as possible.

do make-up like pros
  1. Concealer Brush - This is the one investment you will never regret. You will get hours worthy flawless coverage if you use a brush to apply your concealer rather than using your fingers. I do the tapping with the fingers thing to apply my concealer on most days. But, when you use your fingers the skin secretes natural oils and make the concealer thinner in consistency and you do not get a long lasting coverage. 
  2. Stippling Brush - These type of brushes are made with bristles that consist 2 types of fibres. They are excellent for applying liquid foundations. You will get a perfect airbrushed look if you use this instead of using a make-up sponge. You just need to take a tiny bit of the product and then apply using this brush in tiny circular motions till everything is blended in perfectly.
  3. Flat/Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush -  If you want the perfectly blended eye shadow look then you have to use a brush. You cannot rely on those things that are included in the eye shadow packages, at the most you can use those for applying highlighting shadow underneath the brows and at the inner eye corners.
  4. Smudge Brush - Answer honestly-how many times have you dabbed eye shadow on and said, "Oops, too much,"? After you have blended the eye shadow with a fluffy brush you can remove excess shadow with the smudge brush. These are perfect for creating a smokey eye effect as well. I even used mine the other day to apply a deeply pigmented blush to create a blended and soft eye shadow look the other day because I had no pink eye shadows. I have 2 types of black shadow though. Does that surprise anyone?
  5. Blush Brush - These are smaller than the bigger brushes used to apply loose powder. I use mine for both the purposes of applying blush and loose powder. I do have a big ass powder applicator brush but it feels just too big for my face. This one is just the right size to apply loose powder and lock in the make-up after I am done with everything.
Let me know if you have any opinions or queries in the comments below. I am no pro. But, I believe in the power of expression through make-up.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Niine by Niine-Styled by Me

I featured Niine by Niine in my previous post(click to read) and here I am, back with a post where I have styled a few items from their fabulous collection. Go and read all about what the store offers for both men and women in my last post(link provided above).
I chose similar looking earrings in different colours because I loved how easily I could team them with a retro outfit as well as an Indo-Western fusion outfit. They were about INR550. I am not a big fan of bows but, I chose this dress because of the polka dots and the awesome layered bell sleeves. Have I mentioned ever that I am a huge fan of good bell sleeves? It's a love affair that started when I was a tiny tot. This sequin jacket is perfection. Agree? I just slipped into it and it fit perfectly. It is only INR2200 and you can have it custom made in your size if needed. I bought these round sunglasses the very day of the event from a street shop. These were technically gifted, not bought. I finally have a round pair with silver rims and faded pink glasses and I love them.

Earrings, Polka Dotted Dress, Sequinned Jacket - Niine by Niine
Teal Mary Jane Wedges - B.K. Market
Pink Round Teashades - Gifted
Blue Ethnic Printed Stole, Black Cardigan - my own

Monday, 26 January 2015

Niine by Niine-Designer Wear For Every Body

Niine by Niine graciously invited us over to check out their latest offerings for the upcoming seasons at their store. It was a good opportunity for me to go back to the locality of my old school. It is just near where the famous Ekdalia Park Durga Puja takes place every year in autumn. So, all in all you can say this store is located right in the midst of a lot of nostalgia inducing landmarks for me. 
Sprawling over three stories Niine by Niine houses the best of both Western and Indian wear for men and women. The different labels you will find here are - in house designer Sonia Kripalani along with Seema Oberoi and Mini Singh from Delhi. The 1st floor is filled with traditional weaves like chanderi, chiffon, kalamkari, cotton jamewars, tussar and muslin. The 2nd floor is full of the prettiest gowns, bandage dresses, and a plethora of accessories discovered on travels across the world. On the 3rd floor you will find menswear for all occasions ranging from regal looking jackets, vests to bridal and other traditional garb. There is also a segment dedicated to shoes that range from the chunkiest of platforms to the most glittery heels. There are plenty of chic and trendy options here for everyone.
Things I loved about designer and proprietor Sonia Kripalani's work is the vibrant use of colour and prints. Even better is the fact that you will find something gorgeous for yourself no matter what your size is. The store is full of statement making pieces. If you love something and they don't have your size, fret not because they will customise it for you. It's not just the size that is customisable over here though. They can make something specially for you that fits your budget for your special day. We all know weddings can be darn expensive if you don't wish to compromise on your aesthetics. Niine by Niine is the store for you if you love bright, cheery colours and if you love trendy pieces that will make you stand out wherever you go. Constantly innovating and striving to provide the best of the best, Niine by Niine aims to grow by opening stores around the country & foray into standalone menswear boutiques.

designer lehenga
designer menswear
designer menswear kolkata
designer party wear
niine by niine shoes
platform shoes kolkata
metallic accessories